Facebook explodes with Murray’s Wimbledon victory

By now you would have received the news of Andy Murray becoming the first British male tennis player in 77 years to lift the coveted Wimbledon trophy.

Murray’s defeat of World No. 1 Novak Djokovic has not only lifted the spirits of British people throughout the world it has also been the hottest topic in the social networking sphere. The discussions gained momentum throughout the tournament and reached fever pitch on the final day.

The Scotsman’s victory caused more than 20 million global interactions on Facebook alone. As the final match approached there were innumerable likes, posts and comments.

The players didn’t do bad either – Murray’s Facebook page saw 230,000 additions of new fans and almost 1.3 million likes while Djokovic had 30,000 new fans added to his page along with 3.1 million likes.

The social media was most active in countries like the UK, India, Australia, Italy and the USA.

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