eyeSight extends its gesture recognition technology beyond mobiles

eyeSight, the Israeli firm already offers hand waving technology to app developers on iOS, Android and other mobile platforms.

Now it will make the same technology available to chipset and SOC manufacturers and TV makers. The technology will be pre-installed on the integrated post market or the device.

Android, Linux, Windows and other operating systems have the SDK available for their use. This technology allows switching channels, flipping through videos on YouTube or photos in a gallery and playing games through a range of hand gestures.

Those set top boxes that have cameras installed for video conferencing can add the technology using the existing 2D camera.

As per CEO Gideon Shmuel, 2012 will clearly show that connected media consumption solutions will play a huge role in the digital living room world. By installing the software-only gesture recognition technology, providers and OEMs can offer an enhanced touch-less user experience to the users.

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