Eye recognition technology part of Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 has been launched and it is already popping eyes everywhere.

With a five-inch display, 7.9mm thickness and 130gm weight the S4 comes with a new amazing feature where users can control the screen with their eyes and scroll by waving their fingers.

The “Smart Pause” feature of the phone pauses a video when the user looks away from the screen and it starts playing it once they look back at the screen. The “Smart Scroll” feature allows browsing the internet and emails by catching the eye movements of the user.

There is the “Air View” feature where users can fingers over the screen and preview emails, videos, galleries and the S Planner. The “Air Gesture” feature helps changing music tracks, accept calls and move up and down a webpage by reading hand waving movements.

The phone is already live in the UK and is available through a host of operators.

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