Exclusive deal between Celtra and mindshare UK

Rich media ads are becoming increasingly popular with tablets and smartphones users as they engage with ads that feature 3D, social media, video and touch and other compelling elements.

These ads are much more productive than static banner ads and this is why they are getting big ad buying agencies interested.

Mindshare, one of the biggest such agencies, has signed an exclusive deal with Celtra’s AdCreator, an SDK-agnostic, mobile ad creation platform for building, trafficking and tracking rich media mobile advertisements.

Non-technical staff can use it for creating, managing and measuring rich ad campaigns without installing any proprietary SDKs. It is currently used in 18 countries by ad networks, publishers and agencies.

The brands associated with Mindshare include Mazda, Nestlé, Land Rover and Unilever.

Mindshare opted for the deal because they needed rich, in-depth analytics beyond click-throughs.

Celtra is reputated in this domain and this exclusive deal is the first of its kind in the UK.

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