eBay and Amazon gearing up for Christmas shopping

eBay and Amazon are gearing up for the Christmas shopping season by introducing new iPhone apps for mobile buyers and sellers.

The Price Check app allows users to take photos of books, CDs, DVDs and games and scan product barcodes to get instant prices from eBay has also launched its 2.0 version of eBay Mobile, its iPhone app. It combines buying and selling through one app and also allows price comparison through scanning of barcodes.

The Price Check app also allows users to speak out the name of a product so as to find it on and other online shopping sites. eBay Mobile version 2.0 has been created using the technology from RedLaser, a company eBay acquired. Till now this technology was only available on the eBay Selling app.

Since August 2008, eBay has already recorded more than 30 million items bought and sold using its apps. In the UK alone, more than 340,000 daily visits are made to eBay through mobile apps.

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