Doodle Jump on Android

Doodle Jump is now made available on Android by its US developer Lima Sky.

The game has also witnessed a hike in price with its Android release.

The popular game of Doodle Jump has crossed more than two million purchases on Apple’s App Store. It was available for iPhone users for just $0.99. However, when RealArcade launched the game on Android, the price has been increased to $3.99.

Lima Sky says that few of the themes of Doodle Jump are not available on Android. But Pocket Gamer states that one reason for the price hike for Doodle Jump for Android is the extra content added in the form of updates to the iPhone edition. Game developers often have to pull down the prices when a game is launched in the App store.

It is yet to be discovered how Doodle Jump is received by Android users. There is a popular belief that paid games do not fare well on the Android Market.

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