Domestic dangers for iPhone

iPhone users are well aware of the fact that one drop and their iPhone can be smashed into smithereens.

SquareTrade has recently released an infographic that shows 30% of iPhones get damaged one way or the other and half of these are due to accidents at home.

The top five danger zones at home are the kitchen at 21%, the living room at 18%, the bathroom at 16%, the driveway at 10% and the bedroom at 8%.

69% of all iPhone accidents are caused by the owners. 9% iPhone owners dropped their smartphone in the toilet and 6% have been known to leave the iPhone on top of their car and driven off. 5% of owners have put their iPhone in their washing machine.

Liquid damage is also substantial – spillage of water on iPhones tops at 43%, followed by soda at 19% and beer and beverages like coffee and tea at 12% each.

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