DeNa partners with Kaixin

DeNa has announced a new partnership with Kaixin, the Chinese social network through which the 120 million Kaixin members will be able to directly access Mobage from its mobile app.

“Share on Kaixin001” and “Back to Kaixin001” buttons have now been added to the Mobage China app. This is the same mobile app that is used by the Kaixin members to play games and share details with their friends in their Kaixin network.

A more immersive and direct experience of DeNa’s Mobage App is now available to Android smartphone users.

DeNa, a Japanese based company, is engaged in a real battle with the other well known names in the rapidly growing social gaming space – Papaya, Gree and others. DeNa sees China as one of the main battlegrounds. DeNa launched Mobage China for Android and iOS users in July. It also collaborated with Alibaba to connect Mobage with the players on Aliyun, a local OS.

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