Defects in iPhone 5S batteries draining them faster

Smartphone battery life is a concern for almost everyone and this is where iPhone 5S seems to score with its significantly longer battery life.

But now it has come to light that some of the iPhone 5S devices lose power much faster due to a manufacturing defect.

We haven’t heard from Apple as to the number of such affected devices. However, the company has released a state from which one can estimate that the number of damaged devices could be a couple of thousands in number.

This, one would know, has not happened to Apple for the first time. The launch of iPhone 5 was, in fact, delayed due to problems with faulty batteries. Only 30% of iPhone 5 devices could meet the required quality standards.

Teresa Brewer, spokesperson for Apple, did confirm that the company is reaching out to customers that have received the faulty devices and the batteries are being replaced.

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