Consumers like m-wallets but not necessarily the bank ones

Carlisle & Gallagher have reported that 48% people like m-wallets but 53% said that they would prefer m-wallets from their provider rather than their banks.

80% said that they would use PayPal, 60% said they would prefer Google and 50% showed their preference for Apple.

The study showed consumers’ confidence in banks delivering transactions but not so when it comes to new commerce stuffs like product information and coupons. These results have come in the wake of a flurry of mobile payment options from the industry. So disparate and numerous are these services that even industry insiders find it hard to track who is doing what.

PayPal has apps for in-store and online mobile purchases. Google has its own wallet service. Operators in the UK, the US and Sweden are getting ready with their contactless payment launches. Individual retailers like Starbucks and Wal-Mart have their own contactless services on trial.

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