Cloud connection on 9 out of 10 smartphones by 2013

As per Qualcomm, 90% of all smartphone users will be connected to some sort of cloud network by the end of next year.

The remarks were made at the company’s IQ Innovation summit in Berlin where execs said that they expected phones to become the primary devices for interaction with digital lives.

Qualcomm also predicted that by 2014 more smartphones will be connected to cloud than PCs. From washing machines to fire alarms – smartphones are the ones that will connect with them.

There are apparently more mobile phones in the world than toothbrushes and the obvious next step is to increase the number of people that connect with cloud using their smartphones.

Since Qualcomm is already on its 3rd generation LTE chipsets, helping more progress for 4G and in an energy efficient manner, it has the credibility to say what it said.

Qualcomm said that people will stop using broadband altogether as LTE becomes more popular.

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