Chinese mobile connections on the rise

The latest stats received from the top three mobile operators in China have revealed that the country has 853 million subs and there are a further 500 million for the full set.

This indicates how voracious the Chinese mobile market still remains. China has been the world leader in mobile connections for some time now and there are no signs to suggest it is going to give up the position.

In January of this year China Mobile saw its subscriber base rise to 589.3 million and this figure includes 22.6 million 3G subscribers. In the same period China Unicom saw its subscriber base jump to 169.7 million including 15.5 million 3G subscribers and China Telecom saw its subscriber base go up to 94.1 million containing 13.6 million new 3G subscribers.

As per analysis firm Wireless Intelligence, China will see its total subscriber base jump to 1 billion in the second quarter of 2012.

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