Cherry Media releases infographic to celebrate tenth anniversary

Cherry Media, the adult mobile agency, is celebrating its tenth anniversary at the moment.

Cherry Media has been one of the forerunners in adult mobile over the past decade or so. To commemorate its tenth anniversary Cherry Media has created an infographic that details the biggest moments in the adult mobile domain in the past 10 years.

Cherry Media became the first dedicated global adult mobile agency way back in 2003 and it has seen this domain evolve dramatically. In its very nascent stage it was almost on the verge of obliteration due to the “Access Controls” of Vodafone UK. Then technological advancements happened and pixilated blobs got converted into HD videos. Today it continues to be at the top of the adult mobile world.

Cherry Media has also made 10 predictions about the future of adult mobile. The infographic served by the company can be found online and is definitely worth a look.

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