Capcom hits $52.6 million in mobile revenue in QIV 2011

Capcom, one of the most high profile and oldest games makers in the world has come out of its bad old Java days and seems to have prospered in the App Store era.

The mobile revenues for Capcom hit $52.6 million in 2011 Q IV, a 68% year on year rise. The profit tripled to $17.9 million.

The biggest hits for Capcom were Monhan Tankenki Maboroshi, Resident Evil: Outbreak Survive and Snoopy’s Street Fair. Beeline Interactive, Capcom’s own mobile and social studio, is also doing great now with 46 million downloads. The last three months saw the number of monthly active users grow by 30%. Since its launch in April 2011, Beeline Interactive did well with Lil’ Pirate, Smurfs’ Village and Zombie Café. Capcom expects Beeling to earn $78.8 million in revenue this quarter.

Like other traditional publishers, Capcom also struggled to move from high profit handheld formats to the highly competitive smartphone space.

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