Canadians buying more iPhone smartphones than BlackBerry

In what could be seen as adding salt to a wound, RIM has hardly recovered from all its recent problems and it has now, for the first time, lost the top spot in Canadian smartphone sales to Apple.

This report comes from IDC and Bloomberg.

RIM shipped 2.08 million devices in Canada in 2011 but was beaten to first place by Apple. Apple managed to ship 2.85 million iPhone units in Canada last year.

This development is interesting but very alarming for RIM. In 2008 RIM had sold five times the number of smartphones than Apple had sold. Even as recently as in 2010 RIM had sold 500,000 more BlackBerry units than iPhone.

It is possible that Apple is benefiting from developments from dual-core processors and Siri and RIM is not in a position to offer these.

RIM really needs to work wonders with its BlackBerry 10 OS and needs to launch it fast.

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