BuzzSports to launch Zoneplay

BuzzSports, a UK based firm is planning to launch Zoneplay, a live soccer betting system that will not only have an online element but also apps for Android and iOS devices.

This new service will allow the users to see the illustration of a soccer field where they can bet on live odds on goals, free kicks, corners and goal kicks happening in different zones of the field. As per BuzzSports, there will be as many as 60-80 chances to bet in every soccer match when this new service is launched the coming spring.

As per Marketing Director Ian Williams, they have received great feedback wherever Zoneplay has been displayed and the company is confident that this is the most exciting sport wagering system that has been developed in quite a few years.

It is now possible to see video demos of Zoneplay in quite a few websites. Searching Google will give you many links.

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