BuzzCity looking to tackle click frauds by using academics

The researchers are looking into the problems associated with the ad clicks generated by fraudulent site owners that appear on their own site.

They then use ‘bots’ to click on banners or alter the codes in an ad tag.

The algorithms of BuzzCity already look at specific patterns of data generation from browser detection, carrier information, IP addresses and user sessions.

The collaboration with the National University of Singapore will improve this. K.F. Lai, the CEO of BuzzCity has also been appointed as Adjunct Associate Professor with the Department of Computer Science at the National University of Singapore.

As per Mr. Lai, click frauds in this age of Internet ads and mobile traffic can diminish trusts of advertisers because they would be expecting better returns from their ever increasing mobile budgets. Although BuzzCity has its system in place to prevent frauds, they don’t want this to become an issue in the future.

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