Buongiorno and IBM sign seven year old deal

IBM and Buongiorno India have agreed on a new carrier deal that will allow the subscription platform to reach as many as 78 million consumers.

Buongiorno through its platform offers a single hub for reporting and reconciliation, delivery, content fetching, service and scheme handling and billing. The operator can manage all this using a centralized hub so that users can subscribe to IVR services, ringbacks and SMS services and many others.

This new seven year deal will see IBM now integrate this service into its own service delivery platform for one of the leading Indian operators. The operator will, in turn, benefit from one of the best services in this industry and add to its already large subscriber base.

Andrea Casalini, CEO Buongiorno, said that this partnership showcases Buongiorno’s capacity to develop its already popular business in the Indian mobile value added services market that is ever growing at a rapid pace. is the home of mobile bingo – our current favourite is mmmBingo.


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