Britain’s Fastest Mobile Internet Provider: Vodafone

According to a recent survey conducted by O2, Vodafone provides the fastest internet browsing facility to mobile users in the UK.

The survey was conducted on the top five mobile broadband networks of Britain in a bid to find out the fastest service provider. O2 had commissioned the survey to find out actual speed enjoyed by mobile users while accessing the internet through their phones.

The tests were done over a period of 60 days at 150 locations in Britain. It constantly monitored the networks at different times of the day, for seven days a week.

This survey exposed the mobile web usage pattern in Britain and the difference between the high claims of service providers and the actual speed availed by users. Vodafone proved to be the fastest in mobile web browsing in five out of the twelve surveyed cities.

The second position was shared by T-Mobile and O2. The fastest operator for music downloads was O2, with Vodafone securing the second position.

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