Boeing uses potatoes to improve Wi-Fi connectivity

Boeing has come up with a rather out of the ordinary way to improve in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity.

Currently 20,000 pound potatoes are thus traveling through the US air space.

This is a new process for measuring radio signal quality using analysis tools and in-house measurement technology. It will reduce testing time to 10 hours compared to about 2 weeks it took earlier on. As per Boeing, as passengers move within the aeroplane a wireless signal will also start moving at random. The new testing process will measure the strength of signal in areas throughout the aeroplane and then balance it, thus also increasing reliability and safety.

To test the system Boeing used sacks of potatoes instead of real life passengers as stand-ins.

Dennis O’Donoghue, VP – Boeing Test & Evaluation said that Boeing constantly works to ensure that the passengers travel the most advanced aeroplanes and in the safes manner. is the home of mobile bingo – our current favourite is mmmBingo.


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