BlackBerry network outage resurfaces

RIM has announced that it has resolved its international network outage that affected millions of BlackBerry users a couple of days ago.

However, almost the same problem resurfaced almost immediately after their announcement. It was only a few hours after RIM made their announcement and their systems crashed again across Africa, Middle-East and Europe.

The outage that affected so many BlackBerry users across the globe was caused by a failure at RIM’s data site based out of UK. This data site is where RIM controls the EMEA traffic. The majority of the customers that were affected are those that are on consumer tariffs. Business users, however, could continue to work without any hitch.

The investors of RIM are likely to be concerned, no doubt. RIM is, as it is, struggling to compete with the other companies in the smartphone and tablet markets and this technical problem doesn’t help it at all.

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