BlackBerry 10 possibly hitting the market in September 2012

RIM hasn’t actually received the fanfare it was expecting for its forthcoming BlackBerry 10 OS.

BB10 was originally named BBX but a legal battle forced RIM to change the name almost as soon as it coined it.

There was a leaked image online of what was rumored to be the first BB10 device, named BlackBerry London. However, rumor also says that the name was soon changed to BlackBerry SurfBoard.

It is expected that the BB10 rollout will happen in September 2012 and the debut will be with BlackBerry London. This device is expected to include 16GB storage, two cameras, an 8MP rear facing one and a 2MP front facing one.

Q1 2013 will see the release of another BlackBerry 10 in the Bold series. It will be a slider with QWERTY keypad. RIM is also expected to launch a Playbook in May or June with 1.5Ghz processor, 42Mbps data support and built-in 3G.

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