Bite into your Big Mac and pay through PayPal

Burger King started a mobile payments trial in 50 US restaurants in June where customers could pay for in-store and drive-thru orders using QR codes.

Now the maker of the legendary Big Mac is testing mobile payments in 30 French restaurants, trying to build on its earlier American trials.

Customers can place their orders through smartphones using PayPal, the McDonald’s website or the McDonald’s mobile app and collect their meals from a separate queue.

It is still to be seen if the French customers can use the mobile apps and the PayPal wallet.

If McDonald’s can shave off 10 seconds per order it could be a huge boost for their sales given that they have more than 30,000 stores worldwide.

PayPal has also focused on m-payments recently and launched their PayPal Here dongle modeled around Square. It has introduced mobile payments apps in the UK and building on its in-store platform in the US.

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