Bigger screen for better eCPM

The March Monthly Index from Velti has collated metrics around mobile advertising and concluded that bigger is definitely better.

Full screen ads with rich media features command the highest eCPMs, and advertisers are willing to pay premium prices to serve users with these engaging units.

iPad had eCPMs of 0.18c for 468×60 banners compared to $1.32 for full screen ads.

The report confirms the Apple dominance, especially in tablets where the new iPad is already outdoing its predecessor. iPad 2 had captured 1.5% of iPad impression volume while iPad 3 has already captured 2.2% in the same time.

Among other key findings is the dominance of iOS. iOS ended 2011 with 50% market share but has pulled ahead to capture 53% in March 2012. Apple is the clear OEM leader with more than 50% impression volume. Samsung is next at 15%.

Weather and education apps captured the highest eCPMs at $1.24 and $1.17 respectively.

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