BBM trademark challenge for RIM

It was just weeks ago when RIM had to swallow a bitter pill when it was forced to abandon the BBX tag for its next generation OS because there was a dispute over a trademark.

Now, over what may be a jewel in the crown for RIM, the BlackBerry Messenger IM Service, a new quarrel has erupted.

BBM Canada has caused the problem and it will challenge RIM in court next February. BBM Canada is a firm involved in the measurement of TV and radio audience data. Jim MacLeod, CEO – BBM Canada, has said that the firm needs to be practical because but they are not willing to walk from their name.

RIM is playing hardball and has issued a statement saying that BBM Canada is attempting something beyond the scope of rights that the Canadian trademark law affords.

Needless to say, BBM is important for RIM and is the prime reason why people buy BlackBerry.

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