BBM for Android in 2012

Screenshots have been published by Techradar that suggest the BlackBerry Messenger for Android will be launched in 2012.

It seems from the screenshots that the app testing is in its final phase. In one of the screenshots one can see the BBM icon on the Android menu screen. It is very much possible to fake the screenshots but Techradar has confirmed that the screenshots were provided by an insider in RIM.

As per the same source, the Android push notifications allow the app to work well but we don’t know whether new stuff like in-app chat and BBM Music will be supported by it or not.

As to why BBM is being allowed on other platforms despite it being the largest revenue generator for RIM, it is said that RIM is planning this to increase the reach of its BBM based ideas.

But will that special feeling of BBM still remain after it is opened up for others? Let’s see.

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