BBC looking to connect with kids with Windows Phone

The Beeb introduced the scholastic game-based CBeebies Playtime, a scholastic game-based app was launched by the Beed in August, aiming to educate kids.

Now the company has extended the app beyond Android and iOS and it’s now available on Windows Phone 8. Since the developer Unity, a cross-platform tools provider, the expansion required changing just a single codebase.

This actually is a good launch time because Microsoft’s OS share in the UK has gone up from 4.5% to 12% in the last one year.

The app has all the device features like accelerometer and touchscreen. It looks to encourage kids to interact with the content in ways they can’t with TV or PC.

Microsoft believes that all this is only possible through a new app and what has been created for Windows Phone is highly effective and cost efficient. Using a single codebase was the strategy from the beginning keeping in mind expansion in scale.

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