AT&T customer can get charged for apps in phone bill

There has been a huge breakthrough in the Android paid apps space that was until now considered messy.

It was in the Android developers’ blog that the change was announced. This new change means that AT&T users making any purchases on the apps store can now pay for the purchase along with the monthly phone bill.

There are other benefits of the change as well. Users will get a 15 minute refund window in case they are not happy with the product. They will also get dynamic widget and wallpaper categories to choose from. The maximum app size is now 50MB and there are new categories added to the store so that searching for apps products becomes easier.

Apart from AT&T, T-Mobile USA also gives its users the option to have the app store purchase being billed to their monthly phone bill. Google is also working to extend this service to the other operators. gives you the best mobile bingo reviews – our current favourite is mmmBingo.


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