At last, Unity 3 Game Engine unveiled

Unity, in order to get all game platforms on a single engine, has launched its latest product, the Unity 3.

The fairly delayed and long awaited Unity 3 has been finally launched and comes loaded with new tweaks and features.

As per David Helgason, CEO – Unity, Unity 3 proves that the company has the ability to move faster than other middleware companies. He also said that the company is serious about the long term and firmly believes that transformational force is when high technology is made simple.

Unity 3 has a unified editor deploying one project in one editor out to various supported devices. This product is fully compatible with almost everything you can think of – web browsers, Mac, PC, Android, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, iPhone and iPad.

Unity 3 hails the mantra of Unity as them being the industry’s strongest lightmapper and a provider of AAA class rendering tools.

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