Apple updates apps conforming to its new rules

Apple has updated a range of music and eBook apps to conform to its new rules of in-app subscriptions and purchases.

These include the Wall Street Journal, Rhapsody, Spotify, Nook Kids and Kobo. As per the new rules apps cannot direct users to other mobile or external websites for content or subscription purchase.

Rhapsody has already updated through text that direct links to sign up for Rhapsody through the app have been disabled. Spotify has also mentioned that it is going to comply with the new rules for subscription based apps. Kobo’s eBook store has been removed from its iOS app with the notification that users can continue to shop at their website.

Barnes & Noble has also removed its store link from the Nook Kids iOS app. Google Books seems to have completely disappeared from the App Store but Amazon is yet to update its Kindle iOS app. Will we see a fight between Apple and Amazon on this issue? Time will tell.


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