Apple staff to get $250 off on the iPad

Like many other companies, Apple also has their Town Hall where company news is discussed with the employees.

As per 9to5Mac, Apple CEO Tim Cook sent an invitation mail on January 24 requesting all the employees to attend the Town Hall in person or through the web. During the Town Hall Mr. Cook revealed a reward for the Apple staff members following the impressive sales figures of Q4 of 2011.

Those Apple employees planning to purchase an iPad will receive a $250 discount and buyers of Mac will receive a $500 discount. These discounts are in addition to the 25% discount the Apple staff members already get on Apple products. The promotion is expected to start in June 2012.

To avail this offer someone has to work with Apple for at least 3 months and they can avail this offer once every three years. This has been presumably done to prevent bulk buy and resell.

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