Apple now the most valuable company ever

The market value of Apple has burst through the roof as its share prices have gone up by 64% this year.

The previous record for being the highest valued company in the world was held by Microsoft when it was valued at $620.6 billion in 1999. Apple now has surpassed that figure and is currently valued at $623.5 billion.

ExxonMobil held the position for the most valuable company in the world for quite some of the past years. Apple’s value as of now is 53% more than the New York based petroleum giant.

Thanks to all the anticipation in the market for the soon to be launched iPhone 5 the shares of Apple have been pushed higher and higher in the recent months.

As per Steven Milunovic, UBS advisor, what Apple is building is a technological empire. All empires crumble sometime or the other but Apple is perhaps in the middle phase of building its empire.

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