Apple managing to migrate users well enough

As per data released by developer Bump Technologies, almost 90 percent users of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users now have iOS 4 installed on their devices.

In his post to Quora Q&A Services, David Lieb, CEO of Bump Technologies revealed data from a sample of Bump iOS users taken between January 7th and 10th of this year. Only 0.02% users are using iOS 2, 10.25% users are using iOS 3 and a whopping 89.73% users have now migrated to iOS 4.

There is more to this. Out of those using iOS 4, 52.89% are using the latest version 4.2.1 and about 27.5% are on iOS version 4.1.

Google also has a dedicated webpage that displays stats about its Android OS. In the week ending January 4th, 87.4% users were using Android 2.x. Out of these, 35.2% were on 2.1, 51.8% on 2.2 and 0.4% on the latest 2.3 version.

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