Apple downloads across devices goes over 15 billion

15 billion is the magic number as this is the number that Apple topped in generating downloads across iPhone, iPod and iPad devices.

Since the App Store was launched in July 2008, Apple has paid in excess of $2.5 billion to its developers. The store now boasts of a catalog that has more than 425,000 apps that includes 100,000 native apps for iPad. The addressable base for these apps is now more than 200 million iOS devices.

The three developers that received the biggest limelight during the Apple press release are Smule, Epic Games and Callaway Digital Arts. The press release was to mark this landmark achievement by Apple.

Both Phillip Schiller, SVP – Worldwide Product Marketing and Nicholas Callaway, CEO Callaway Digital Arts, have expressed great happiness at the success that the Apple devices have generated. Mr. Callaway said that he always knew that iPad would be a revolution but never anticipated such success in so short a time.

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