Apple app to un-wobble captured videos

Reports from the US Patent Office have revealed that Apple has applied for a patented application titled Accelerometer/Gyro-Facilitated Video Stabilization.

This application will describe how an iPhone can use motion sensing data so that it can compensate any jittering that can appear in a recorded video.

The filing with the US Patent Office describes the procedure that will enable accelerometers and gyroscopes to provide motion data for software applications on the iPhone device.

It has also been filed that the level of shakiness that appears between frames prevents the data from offering total solutions in this regard. With the new system in place, improvement can be made on this situation by selective controlling the motion stabilization feature. It will only improve and adjust the captured video when the system feels that it is important to do so.

There were some previous reports about Apple’s patent filing with the US Patent Office. Let us see how much water this report holds.

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