Apple’s design changes in iPad2 causes production process

As per reports received from Reuters, Yuanta Securities mentioned in a note that Hon Hai, the production company, had to change their production processes after it was discovered that Apple made some design changes in their iPad2.

Vincent Chen, head of downstream tech equities in Hon Hai mentioned in a note that the checks made by the company revealed that there are issues with the new production process and a lot of time is being taken to resolve these issues.

In one point in his note he also mentioned that any delay here would reduce the shipment from iPad from 30.6 million units to 23 million units. It is said that the upcoming new device from Apple will be slimmer and will be loaded with a camera.

We will wait to see what further changes happen in this area and whether it hampers any plans Apple has in its production and shipment of the new iPad2.

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