Appiteks releases trailer of game that is supposed to destroy Angry Birds

There has been some recent coverage of Appiteks, the new games developer.

This is mostly due to the studio chief’s bold claims that have been coming in recently.

COO Chris Luck started off by saying he had cracked the code to success on iOS. He also said that his vision is to destroy the Angry Birds franchise of Rovio. He also boasted that Appiteks will come up with concepts that the industry has hitherto not seen nor experienced.

Chris Luck recently added another line to the claims already made, “We are ready to totally dominate the industry.”

“Boomie vs Pirates” is the title of the first game launched by Appiteks and a trailer of the gamplay is now available on some video websites. At first glance the game does look somewhat in the Angry Birds mode.

It remains to be seen if and when Appiteks manages to make its claims come true.

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