Apollo for Windows Phone leaked?

Apollo, a future update for the Windows Phone OS is not expected until late 2012 but PocketNow revealed some features thanks to leaked information from Joe Belfiore, Sr. VP and Windows Phone Manager.

The news was only intended for Nokia executives and said that Apollo’s development will be with focus on synchronization between platforms for Windows 8.

The report says that Microsoft, after its $8.5 billion takeover of Skype will bring the VoIP client to OS to ensure that Skype calls behave almost similarly to non-VoIP, regular telephony. This will be welcomed by Windows Phone users who haven’t yet got Skype access even though the deal was closed in QIII.

Apollo will also receive native code support to allow Android and iOS developers to adapt their existing apps for the Windows Phone. NFC will also be adopted to provide a wallet experience to Apollo devices via direct phone hardware or SIM card.

This will definitely push sales of WinPho powered Nokias.

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