Antix Games service is now live in Indonesia

The solution from Antix Labs allows mobile phone gamers to play across multiple devices.

It beams the title across phones, TVs and tablets for continuous play anywhere.

The UK firm has now announced a deal with Telkom, the Indonesian operator. Telkom had integrated the Antix Game Player into the TelkomStore last summer and it is now live for subscribers to access Antix-ready content.

Gamers can now beam between their own devices and they can also share content with friends and play the same games from various platforms.

As per Francis Charig, CEO, Antix, gamers want to play socially and it doesn’t matter to them whether they are connected to a network or not. This capability is now available in Indonesia and an expanding number of devices have now been included in the rollout.

Achmad Sugiarto, Executive GM, Telkom said that Telkom will now add in-demand game titles and multi-device gaming features.

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