Android to be present in 140 million connected devices

As per research firm IMS there will be an installed base of 140 million Android devices by the time we reach the end of 2011.

IMS argues that the release of Android 3.0 by Google, also known as Honeycomb, will help the OS extend the OS into all sorts of connecting devices and this includes TV sets. All this should create a lot of new opportunities, especially for those providers that engage in “triple play”.

As per Anna Hunt, Principal Analyst at IMS, pay TV operators that have so far been limited to the living room can now expand the reach of their brands by using apps development on multiple portable platforms. Of all the connected devices shipped in 2011, Android was present in 125 million of them and this number is bound to increase in 2011.

This means operators will be creating new apps to enable subscribers to purchase and consume content on the new portable platforms.

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