Android OS surpasses iPhone OS for the first time

As per InMobi, Android has, for the first time, surpassed the iPhone OS.

The Global Edition March 2011 report from the company highlights the rapid growth Android has been experiencing when compared with its rivals in the smartphone matket. However, the report says that Nokia and Symbian are still ruling the market.

The market share for Nokia OS is now at 21.2%, closely followed by Symbian OS at 19.0%, Android at 14.5%, iPhone OS at 13.8%, RIM OS at 4.5% and others at a total of 27.0%.

InMobi calls itself the largest independent mobile ad network in the world. The company serves 31.9 billion monthly impressions to more than 220 million customers worldwide.

As per Rob Jonas, VP & MD, Europe and Middle East, InMobi, Android has been adopted rapidly since its inception and is now eating into the iPhone’s share in Europe, the way it has already done in the USA.

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