And the winner is Peter Bacher

Wapple, on the previous Wednesday, hosted the after party at the 6th Annual ME Awards. As part of the party, a competition was organized where the attendees were invited to scan the QR Codes printed on the t-shirts of the staff members.

There were hundreds of invitees that entered the competition and one lucky winner was declared. The lucky guy was Peter Bacher, an employee of Deutsche Telekom UK. Peter won a swanky HTC Radar.

Wapple was incorporated in 2004 and has since evolved in a leading company in mobile technology. It delivers a unique mobile web platform to empower developers, web agencies, marketing experts and brands to deliver optimized web content for mobiles. It has some of the biggest global brands as its clients.

Wapple sites are now available in more than 100 countries and are available in different languages like Chinese, French, German, Hebrew and Russian. Wapple is based out of UK.

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