Amazon to launch its own tablet?

“Stay tuned” is what Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had to say when he was asked whether Amazon is planning to launch its own Android powered tablet later this year in an attempt to clash head on with Apple’s iPad 2.

This happened during his interview with Consumer Reports where he hinted that the proposed device will not look to replace the Kindle e-reader but will instead sit along with it.

He mentioned that Amazon is always mindful of the fact that there is the need in the market for a dedicated reading device and that he detests the word “killer” in terms of one product being launched to kill another existing product.

Mr. Bezos revealed Amazon’s plan to introduce a lending library feature on Kindle later this year. When asked about the introduction of a new Kindle with a color e-ink screen, he said that it is not ready for prime time. is the home of mobile bingo – our current favourite is mmmBingo.


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