Almost 70% UK firms to use VoIP by 2013

Research from Telappliant claims that Skype and other VoIP services will play a key role in future UK business development and almost seven in ten companies will adopt the platform this year.

41% companies actively use VoIP already while 25% more have plans to adopt it within the next 12 months. Businesses employing between 100 and 500 are more likely to use it sooner. 68% said they will use VoIP to reduce telephone bills, while 22% said that it will allow more flexibility to employees working remotely.

But 42% consider VoIP as poor quality and unreliable, 33% say managements don’t fully understand its benefits and 25% believe that the platform is too hard to maintain.

99% VoIP users confirmed significant savings, improved customer services and flexible working conditions.

Tan Aksoy, CEO – Telappliant said that VoIP has come a long way forward and modern VoIP services are easy to set up, offer crystal-clear call quality and are reliable.

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