Almost 50% mobile users feel ashamed to show their “out of date” mobile device

Mobile video service Vuclip has just completed a global survey of more than 120,000 mobile phone users and revealed that 48% of them are ashamed of their mobile devices claiming that their devices are too old.

In the sub 18-year old category this percentage spiked to 78%.

Mobiles have now become important status symbols and 56% of respondents feel that their phone is the first thing people notice about them. The figure again spikes in the sub 18-year old category where 82% feel that phones are more important than clothes, watches and cars.

58% users said that they have never been rebuked for using their phone in a social environment because their friends are also on mobiles. 62% use their phones to research pricey purchases compared to 10% that use their PCs.

The under-18 crowd seems to be the trendsetter in mobiles that is now more generational than geographical. Brands may want to take note. is the UK’s leading mobile bingo portal.


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