Almost 50% British have never changed their mobile operator

Mobile Phones: The Purchase Path, is a study released by YouGov and it observes the commitment that the British have for their mobile devices.

Like in any other country the British are also prone to complaining about the service from their mobile phone operator but the strange fact is that 49% of them have never changed their mobile phone operator. 67% of the people have continued with the same operator for the last 3 years.

Older customers are typically more patient and 78% of people over 55 have used the same provider for more than 3 years while the percentage for under 25s is 47%. Only 11% plan to leave at the end of their current contract and 44% have no intention of changing their network.

13% men and 9% women are likely to consider changing their operator while this spikes to 20% for men in the age range of 25-39.


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