AisleBuyer bought over by Intuit

Intuit is that financial services giant that launched massive projects like Turbotax and Quickbooks.

But like all the other companies, Intuit is also closely eyeing the mobile market very closely.

The GoPayments solution has already been launched by Intuit. GoPayments works like Square giving small merchants a dongle that converts a tablet or a phone into a card reader. Using the dongle the small merchants can facilitate quick purchasing for their customers and thereby increase the chances of generating more revenue for their business.

Now Intuit has made a swoop for AisleBuyer. AisleBuyer is a technical specialist that offers tools to retailers that they can use to deliver targeted product offers and recommendations to smartphone users on the go or inside stores.

One of these tools is called mShop. mShop is an app that can be used for making purchases, scanning barcodes and reading other customer reviews about specific products.

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