Airline revenues to be driven by mobile transactions

Data from WorldPay reveals that airlines are now keen to focus more on mobile devices to improve their payment services.

57% of the airline companies believe that mobiles will drive revenues in the next 2 years – this figure is at par with credit cards that are also on 57%.

Compared to 10% increase in 2012 the acceptance of mobile payments increased by 25% in 2013. Delta staff members are now using Windows phones to accept mobile payments at more than 30,000 feet.

Emirates is already using the Aeromobile in-flight mobile network to connect its passengers when they are airborne and Lufthansa has also said that it will advance its mobile services.

Airlines have already realized the significance of mobiles and now they are looking to adopt mobiles more to improve their services. It is expected that mobiles are going to command various airline experiences including check-in and better booking experiences.

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