Adult subscriptions on mobiles will touch a billion dollars by 2015

Juniper Research’s new report says that the sharp rise in tablet and smartphone ownership will fuel the growth of adult subscriptions.

Majority of tablet and smartphone owners will be based in regions that have historically spent more on adult subs.

The bigger and better screen will definitely offer better viewership and this is what will fuel the growth. Niche subscriptions like video chat will also drive paid subscriptions because this cannot be eaten up by free stuff. Niche content is specialized content and this will make many end users to opt for paid adult services. Juniper Research believes that chat users by triple in number by 2015 and will contribute to 50% of adult content revenue.

Emerging markets will see a slower growth due to low credit card penetration and dominance of feature phones. Social disapprovals and regulations will also slow these markets. Western Europe and North America will contribute to 70% of mobile adult revenues. is the home of mobile bingo – our current favourite is mmmBingo.


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