A third of US customers have used mobile payments

Mobile payments seem to be getting to the entire mobile community.

Now people use their mobile with NFC contactless payments for digital goods and mobile apps. They prefer tot use mobiles for payments rather than debit and credit cards. The majority of action can be seen in the latter option now.

The IDC 2012 Consumer Payments Survey reported that a third of the survey respondents had used mobile payments. 56% of them used PayPal Mobile while iTunes and Amazon Payments together were used by 40% respondents that used mobile payments.

More respondents said that they bought physical goods using mobile payments rather than digital goods, online services and mobile currency.

The results point at a continued growth for mobile payments and open-loop prepaid cards next year. The improvements happening in the domain of electronic bill delivery will solve a lot of issues for EBPP or Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment.

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